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Impactable Investment Group is driven by the belief that investment is able to make a positive impact.


We provide services to help catalyse and support the rapidly growing impact investment industry - helping asset owners, fiduciaries and financial institutions to develop and scale impact investment. We focus on financial-first impact-driven investment, with the objective of both competitive financial returns, and positive Environmental and Social impact.


Impactable is a private market impact investment specialist, with a particular focus on providing institutional investors access to impact investment opportunities at scale. Impactable is launching the Impactable Investment Platform - a financial-first, impact umbrella fund, leveraging our investment management expertise to launch innovative products.


The Impactable EM Funds are Emerging Market private debt and private equity funds, investing in a range of related high-impact regions, focused on positively impacting people at the bottom of the pyramid, in strategies targeting competitive returns.

About Impactable

Our Mission


At Impactable, we believe that investment can make an even greater positive impact, and we are committed to driving this change. By focusing on financial-first, impact-driven investments, we aim to achieve both competitive financial returns and significant environmental and social benefits. Together, we can transform the investment landscape and create a sustainable future for all

Our Approach


Selecting the right investment manager to help you meet your ambitions is never straightforward; but you can rely on us to produce the highest quality of service delivered by genuine market specialists.



A financial-first approach means that we aim to generate competitive financial returns. This is a complementary, not competing goal.



Investment directed by universal acceptance of the principle that financial performance alone is not enough. It must be matched by positive impact performance.


Investment Specialists

Several meta-studies evaluating historical performance data demonstrate that financial-first, impact-driven investment offers the same, or better financial returns than traditional investment.

Meet the Founder

Portrait image of Chris Kuchanny, the Founder & CEO

Chris Kuchanny

Founder & CEO

Chris is an impact investor and ex-hedge fund manager with 25 years of experience driving positive change through strategic investments. He has a proven track record of launching award-winning funds and managing $multi-billion portfolios. Chris has built up a deep understanding of financial markets, investment analysis, and the needs of institutional investors and fiduciaries.

Memberships & Associations

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