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Impactable Emerging Market Funds

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Institutional investors have the scale to drive meaningful change and tackle global problems. Many want to increase the impact of the portfolio to mitigate risk and ensure sustainability, but there is limited supply of institutional quality opportunities with sufficient capacity.


The Impactable Emerging Market Funds fill this gap.

Investment Opportunity

The Impactable Emerging Market funds offer:


High return potential

We combine top performing private market strategies and high growth Emerging Marketing investment opportunities


High impact potential

We allocate capital across a wide range of impact themes to create holistic, sustainable impact



Our umbrella fund structure aggregates investments to benefit from economies of scale, reducing costs and increasing capacity

Optimising returns – a differentiated approach

We deliberately combine different assets to enhance returns and limit the risk normally associated with emerging market investing


Use of secondaries

Provides a boost to returns by purchasing quality assets at a discount


Managed risk

Diversification reduces single event risk


Technical Assistance

GP-focused service enhances investment impact and returns

Solutions for different investor needs

The Impactable EM Funds offer different profiles, to suit varied investor requirements:

Impactable EM Private Debt Fund

Impactable EM Private Equity Secondaries Fund


Private debt fund, with co-invest and secondaries

Private equity stapled secondaries fund, with co-invest and GP stakes


Available to accredited investors by request

Available to accredited investors by request


Available to accredited investors by request

Available to accredited investors by request

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