Impact-Driven Investment Specialists

We provide investment opportunities and related services that help scale the financial-first impact-driven investment market.



We focus on products that generate competitive financial returns. This is a complimentary, not competing goal.



We aim to positively affect people and the planet. Financial performance can be matched by positive impact performance.

Investment Solutions


We are creating financial-first, impact-driven investment opportunities for asset allocators and institutional investors.


Technical Assistance

We provide services for impact investment fund managers to help realise returns, expand capacity and grow AUM.

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Impactable Investment Group

Capital growth that benefits people and planet

Impactable Investment Group is driven by the belief that investment is able to make a positive impact. 

We provide services to help catalyse and support the rapidly growing impact investment industry - helping asset owners, fiduciaries and financial institutions to develop and scale impact investment.

We focus on financial-first impact-driven investment, with the objective of both competitive financial returns, and positive Environmental and Social impact.


Global Asset Impact Network (GAIN)

We are partnering with Phenix Capital Group to establish the Global Asset Impact Network (GAIN). GAIN is a network of partners who allocate capital to financial-first, impact-driven investments. The network will be designed to meet the industry’s need for collaboration to grow the upstream impact investment ecosystem and market. 

There are opportunities for capital allocators and investors to become GAIN Partners, with many potential benefits, including collaboration on investment due diligence, best practice advice, industry events and idea sharing - all aimed at supporting GAIN Partners’ impact investment needs. 

There are also a limited number of places available for institutions to become GAIN Sponsors and receive various additional benefits, whilst supporting growth of the Network and helping to meet our common objectives.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

Find out more about the Global Asset Impact Network


GAIN Investment Platform

The GAIN Investment Platform is launching soon, and is planning to offer ‘financial-first, impact-driven’, private market, multi-fund investment opportunities of institutional scale and quality.

The Platform will be managed by Impactable and Phenix Capital - highly sought after industry leaders in the impact and investment markets. We are leveraging our deep expertise in investment management, and industry-leading impact management advisory experience, to source the best available investment opportunities. 

The Platform is intending to launch various Sub-Funds, including the GAIN Emerging Market Fund – a private market multi-fund strategy, investing across a range of asset classes, and aiming for competitive returns and broad ES impact.  Other sub-funds are planned to be launched, based on different impact themes, geographies and investment remits.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

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Impactable Technical Assistance

The Impactable Technical Assistance program can provide Emerging market impact fund managers with a range of services, including:

Investment:  ✔ Deal Structuring  ✔ Investment & Risk Management Process    Exit Strategy

Impact:  ✔ Objectives  ✔ Verification  ✔ Benchmarking  ✔ Measurement & Reporting

Operational:  ✔ Process Enhancement  ✔ Governance & Compliance  ✔ Investor Relations

Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

Find out more about the Impactable Technical Assistance

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