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Impactable Technical Assistance

Multiply your impact

Impactable Technical Assistance is designed to help EM Impact GPs build AUM capacity. For Grantmakers, this provides a highly effective way to increase impact funds’ Assets Under Management (AUM) with the potential of combining to $ billions of new capital investment

into Emerging Markets.


Most Emerging Market impact funds are small, despite high impact potential

Although Emerging marketing impact funds offer many struggle to scale, because:

Too small for institutional investors: less than 1 in 10 have AUM over $250m

Limited follow-on funds: less than 1 in 4 progress beyond Series 1

Scarcity of support services: less than 1 in 20 Technical Assistance programs help EM impact managers (GPs)


Technical Assistance to narrow the funding gap

Impactable Technical Assistance (TA) helps EM Impact managers institutionalise and build capacity, with tailored services in three key areas:

Investment capabilities


Impact measurement and reporting



theory of change infographic

Theory of Change







$4tn SDG Funding Gap

Partnership of Leading Industry Experts

Help EM Impact Funds build $100m additional capacity

Add $billions AUM to impact Investment industry

Catalyse impact investment to fill funding gap

Your grant: multiply the impact

Your grant will multiply sustainable development impact in regions where it is most needed.

Highly effective catalyst of up to 500x impact investment, narrowing the SDG funding gap


Multiplier effect, as investment returns and capital are recycled into additional opportunities

flow chart - showing process from grant & fees to impact
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