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Impactable Investment

Achieve impact at scale

Impactable is focused on addressing the challenges institutional investors have in finding suitable impact investment opportunities at sufficient scale


Institutional investors need more exposure to impact investments

Institutional investors are typically underweight impact investments relative to the growing demand from stakeholders to integrate positive environmental and social impact factors into their portfolios. This can be due to:

Lack of in-house impact investment expertise

Implementation challenges

Scarcity of investable financial-first, impact opportunities


Institutional-scale impact investments

The Impactable Investment Platform is structured to overcome all these challenges, with an institutional scale and quality solution. It uses investment aggregation to provide access at scale to the best investment opportunities. This also has the benefits of:

Reducing risk and increasing potential returns

Economies of scale to lower costs

See funds

Investment Solutions

The Investment Platform is launching various sub-Funds, all aligned with our remit of financial-first, impact private market investments.


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